Fees and Charges

There is no doubt that the lure of discounted fees and offers to do “something for nothing” are tempting. In the end however, we all know that good financial advice involves spending time getting to know you and your personal and business circumstances fully.

It requires us to use our accumulated knowledge of the market place and also understand the strategies that others, in similar circumstances, have successfully used.

Good financial advice requires skill, confidence and above all sound judgment. Delivered successfully this type of advice cannot and should not be free or even discounted.

Paying for our advice assures you of our complete attention to your requirements.

Wealth management means more than just investing your money. It also means helping to protect that wealth by investing your assets intelligently, in a way that doesn’t expose you to any more risk than necessary to achieve your goals.

We believe that this concept is of far greater importance than the choice of a product provider.

With our full-service approach we will carry out whatever due-diligence is required to guarantee that we understand your tolerance to risk, your short, medium and long term aims.

In receiving payment for our services you can and should hold us to the highest standards and we expect nothing less.

The Clifton Wealth Menu of Charges

Our transparent and simple to understand approach to our charges is illustrated in our investment menu of charges

Our fees are explained prior to any decision-making and are fully discussed throughout the process. You will find our fees and charges to be appropriate to the circumstances and competitive.