Financial Advice

Why get financial advice?

Taking financial advice is one of the most important things you’ll ever do for yourself and your family. It can protect your finances, save you money, make you money, and importantly, financial advice can prepare you for whatever life has in store. Here are a few reasons why financial advice from Clifton Wealth can benefit you:

The right preparation

Our lives change over the years, as do our financial situations and goals. Having a clear financial plan that can keep pace with life events, planned or unplanned is imperative. Whether it’s paying for your child’s education, a special holiday or even protecting your income in case of illness or disability – the Clifton Wealth financial advice team can make sure your financial planning prepares you for all circumstances.


Our lives are busy and information available on the Internet often poses more questions than answers. Our team of advisers has the knowledge and expertise to be able to help you with financial planning matched to your individual needs. The combination of our expertise and our state-of-the-art systems will then quickly identify exactly what’s right for you.


Invariably the cheapest financial products are not the best, and choosing a product based on being flavour of the month or available at a special discount can be a dangerous strategy. The Clifton Wealth team of financial advisers offer a wide range of carefully researched products including savings, investments, pensions and protection products from some of the top financial services companies in the UK to ensure you get competitive value, choice and flexibility. Please ask us for a full list of products and providers that we’re able to advise on.

Sound Planning

It is now clear that the government will not provide a sufficient pension for our retirement. This is why our financial advice will assist you to put pension or savings plans in place to provide the standard of living you’ll need later in life.

The next steps

Initially, our adviser will need to devote time to understanding your particular requirements and circumstances. Having done that, they will then look for the most appropriate options on your behalf. And that’s where our expertise comes in. New products emerge all the time and existing ones change constantly. One of our key roles is to understand what’s going on in the financial services market, allowing us to keep our advice to you appropriate and effective at all times.

Free consultations without obligation

All consultations with our Financial Advisers are free with no obligation. We are not here simply to sell you financial products and services. Our aim is to help you to benefit from our in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Contact us to find out how our Financial advice sets us apart from the crowd.