Portfolio Management

The investment world today is barely recognisable from the one that existed twenty or even just ten years ago. The pace of innovation means that keeping informed in this complex marketplace is critical. The Clifton Wealth Portfolio Management service allows us to offer our clients – through our Viewpoint platform – a real advantage.

Clifton Wealth’s Viewpoint portfolio management platform sits at the core of our investment services, and is managed by a specialised team of investment managers and researchers, guaranteeing that the management of your portfolio meets your individual investment objectives.

Viewpoint 7IM- Justin Urquhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart Stewart of 7IM discusses discretionary fund management, the Viewpoint platform and Clifton Wealth.

Viewpoint Thurleigh- Charles MacKinnon

Charles MacKinnon, Chief Investment Officer at Thurleigh Investment Managers, discusses discretionary fund management and Clifton Wealth’s Viewpoint platform.

Viewpoint Ingenious- Guy Bowles

Guy Bowles, CEO of Ingenious Asset Management, discusses discretionary fund management and Clifton Wealth’s Viewpoint platform.

Clients using the Viewpoint portfolio management platform can benefit from

  • Active day-today asset management.
  • Access to all asset classes.
  • Diversification of investments, ensuring distribution of risk.

The Viewpoint Platform delivers a high quality, risk adjusted portfolio of investments efficiently and in the most cost-effective manner. Our investment systems and relationships allow for the identification and implementation of your strategy to be carried out quickly and with minimal friction, vital in today’s fast-moving markets.

Our philosophy

At Clifton Wealth, our investment philosophy is effective and transparent

  • We specialise in Investing for the long-term through sustainable investment strategies.
  • A disciplined process and active management based on solid, detailed research.
  • Diversification of portfolios based on detailed analysis and understanding of micro and macro economic trends.
  • High quality reporting with the addition of meaningful and personalised commentary.

Next steps

We will arrange a meeting with one of our consultants to determine your risk profile and to identify which portfolio is most suited to your needs. Once your investments are managed on the Viewpoint Platform they will be continually monitored to ensure that they meet their objectives, and any adjustments will be made directly. Your access to view your portfolio is guaranteed.

To learn more about Viewpoint, Clifton Wealth’s Portfolio Management Platform click here.